Our Commitment


From origin to cup, our aim is to get you your coffee just the way you want it.

Who We Are


Welcome to VOP Coffee Roastery (PT. Victo Oro Prima). We are a professional coffee roastery based in Bogor, a satellite city 40 km south of capital Jakarta, Indonesia. Driven by a passion for bringing out the best in coffee. we offer a full spectrum of roast & ground coffee products to foodservice, hospitality, retail and industrial clients. With an annual roasting capacity of 2500 tons and the capacity to expand, we offer a wide selection of house brands and blends to suit different markets, requirements and preferences. We also welcome private labeling partnerships with clients wishing to have their own coffee products under their own brands and packaging. In addition, we provide contract roasting services to clients who wish to leverage our high-capacity roasting facility and coffee expertise.

We are also the sister company of PT. Bahana Genta Viktory, a leading importer and distributor of premium beverage products that has been a reputable supplier for prominent hotels, high-end restaurants and premium cafes across Indonesia since 2002, with which we collaborate closely in providing a multitude of value-added services for our clients.

Vision & Values


Vision :

At VOP, our ultimate goal is to serve clients of different industries by offering a full spectrum of coffee products at all pricing and quality levels to meet the demands of all market segments. We also aim to become the most trusted partner in coffee private labeling & contract roasting, as well as to take a leading role in promoting & enriching coffee culture in Indonesia.

Our Values :

  • Quality Work, Exceptional Service
    From the moment the beans are delivered green to our premises until the final product reaches customers’ hands, it is always about bringing the best quality in every task we do, every process we adopt, every product we make and every service we offer. We measure our success not merely by how highly our products are valued, but also by how exceptional our customer service is considered to be.
  • Forging Partnerships, Building Relationships
    We understand that just as human individuals have their limitations, so do organizations, big or small. As such, we firmly believe that it is only through strong partnerships with business partners, combining skills and sharing know-how, that we can grow and remain at the forefront of the coffee industry.
  • Empowering People, Exceeding Expectations
    We strive to build a customer-focused organization, supported by the full commitment of the management. We do this by establishing a work place where people feel truly empowered as well as engaged in their work. A place where our employees are given trust and opportunities to unleash the best of their skills and potentials, where they feel that they being part of something meaningful and that their work always make a difference.
  • Respect for Nature, Caring for Community
    As part of our commitment to high standards and delivering quality, VOP is committed to minimizing any negative impact from our activities on the environment. Where possible, this philosophy is extended to our suppliers. We care about the provenance of our beans and where there are sourced, with the premise that healthy growing conditions create better beans.


Supply Chain


Victo Oro Prima sources good quality Arabica beans from around the world through our links to high quality local and international coffee suppliers and traders. We visit coffee events on the international circuit, supplemented by visits to countries of origin for quality checks.

These relationships enable to us select the best coffees for different purposes, while securing good prices through bulk purchases that are passed onto customers.


At VOP, we find great pleasures in sourcing quality coffees from all over the globe, as part of our ultimate passion for a great cup of coffee.

With operations in Indonesia – the third largest coffee producer in the world – we enjoy easy access to the best Indonesian coffees from local growers and traders. We also enjoy established relationships with reputable international coffee suppliers, from whom we source only the best coffees for different purposes, while securing best prices through bulk purchases that are passed onto customers.

Fair Trade & Sustainability

VOP is an avid supporter of sustainable agricultural practices, firmly believing that good growing conditions are reflected in the quality of the final product. With our deep ties throughout the coffee supply chain, we are also able to provide certified coffee for clients who share the same ideals. We also work directly with coffee growers through long term agreements that guarantee growers good prices and an incentive to deliver quality coffee to VOP, including organically grown coffees.

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Quality Inspection

We make regular visits to farms and plantations, carrying out inspections at origin to ensure that that the coffee shipped to our facility is of the desired quality.



Occupying a land area of 6000 sqm, our roasting plant is located within the Sentul (Bogorindo) Industrial Estate, adjacent to Jagorawi highway linking Jakarta to Bogor for easy access.

Elevated so as to be flood safe, our facility is guarded 24-hour and equipped with CCTV cameras for extra security.

Allow us to take you through a quick visual tour inside our facility.



We serve clients from a multitude of market segments and industries, spanning foodservice, hospitality, retail and industrial. These include but are not limited to:

  • International hotel chains
  • Prominent local hotel chains
  • Leading restaurant groups
  • Food service suppliers
  • Food ingredient manufacturers
  • Startup F&B brands