Viktory Coffee

Viktory Coffee is a good-value filtered coffee that is a long-time favorite for its good taste and affordability. It is available in two blends, Superiore and Meglio.


medium roast

A medium roast blend of selected Arabica & Robusta with smooth rich aromatics, full body, delicate acidity and a lingering clean aftertaste. Perfect for a nice smooth Espresso, but also ideal for Filter or Brewed Coffee to be served in most occasions.

Whole Beans – 1000 g

Suitable for:


medium dark roast

A medium dark roast blend of Arabica & Robusta, with nice aromatics, strong body and low acidity. Designed to delight your palate with Filtered or Brewed Coffee, either for morning coffee or to drink all day.

Whole Beans – 1000 g
Ground – 500 g

Suitable for:

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