Comprehensive Expertise


Full spectrum solutions for your coffee-related needs

Private Label Coffee


Whether a café, restaurant or retailer, at some point in your growth you may wish to consider launching your own coffee under your own private brand. Besides the potential to grow your sales and profits, having a signature will increase your brand awareness and enhance your experience.

VOP Coffee Roastery provides fast and reliable one-stop solution for your private label coffee needs. For as low as 100 kg per order, you can be assured that you are in the hands of coffee experts who will be more than happy to assist you in the exciting journey of your coffee program.

Your benefits:

  • Direct access to expert knowledge
  • Get to market faster
  • Save valuable energy, costs and resources
  • Stay focused on your core business

Brands & Blends

Our private label coffee offers you 2 options depending on your needs:

  • Private Brands
    You have a successful brand to leverage, and all you need is a great product. Simply tell us your brand story as well as your requirements for the coffee and packaging, and let us do the rest.
  • Ready-made Brands
    You’re interested in creating and launching your own new brand, but you also realize it takes enormous time and efforts to plan and execute. Creating a new brand does not happen overnight.Our ready-made brands are exactly the right answer to the situation. Simply choose from a series of ready-made brands that we have available, and by signing a contract for a minimum guaranteed purchase volume, you can have it free for life!

Once you’ve settled on a brand, you’ll need to decide on the coffee itself. Choose from 3 different solutions depending on your vision:

  • House Blends
    Choose from over a dozen of our house blends created by our master artisans to carry under your own brand. The ingredients of our house blends comprise the finest coffees from the best growing regions all over the globe, roasted to perfection.
  • Custom Blends
    Craft your own custom blends with the assistance of our master artisans. Simply research the cup preference of your target market, and let us translate it into your own signature blends.
  • Single Origins
    Select from a range of incredible single origin coffees from specific growing regions to strengthen your coffee line.

Contract Roasting


Customers operating on an industrial scale who are able to source their own coffee may also wish to consider outsource roasting needs to us, so as to concentrate on your core business. We can help:

  • Roast your own beans;
  • Develop new blends for you under your own brand, subject to certain terms and conditions;
  • Do single origin roasts.


Value Added Services


At VOP offers a number of value added services that go beyond coffee, as part of our efforts to serve our customers better.

Certified Beans & Field Inspection

When you need to make sure that the coffee you have purchased is responsibly grown following sustainability practices and/or ethically traded free of exploitation, you can always opt for purchasing certified beans at certain premiums. We are able to meet certification for a number of certification bodies that serve to promote sustainable agricultural practices and responsible trade.

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Simply specify your needs for certified beans, and we can source it for you. Depending on circumstances, we may also be able to arrange field inspection farm visits for you to further ensure that the beans you purchase meet your desired requirements. Our network is especially strong on the ground in Indonesia, one of the world’s premier coffee producers where field logistics can be very challenging for non-locals.

Coffee Trainings

To quickly equip clients with the relevant coffee knowledge to running their coffee programs, we offer well-structured coffee trainings in a number of subjects — from coffee introduction, barista skills to cup tasting — by collaborating with our sister company PT Bahana Genta Viktory.

Creative Services

We can also provide comprehensive creative services to help you to get your products launched to market within the shortest time and to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Leveraging our creative services means that you get access to expert advice from our strong creative team comprising top-notch designers and packaging specialists able to develop distinctive brand identities as well as creating a wide array of unique packaging concepts in different types, materials, finishings and features.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today for free consultation.